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    Here’s a look at the personal experiences that have informed my leadership aspirations and how I’m using and have used these experiences to create impact professionally as a Vancity Marketing Specialist and in my Vancouver community.



    Growing up, my family has influenced me to be the best version of myself. I’ve always been taught “family comes first” and “hard work pays off”. My mom and dad have lead by example, assuring me “you can’t go through this life alone – you need the people around you, Michelle”.

    My mom is smart and could’ve done anything in life. But she chose to stay at home and raise her three daughters and now grandchildren. She’s committed her entire life to the people around her. When I was living abroad, my mom carefully packed homemade sweet bread in her suitcase to surprise me with when she visited. I cried. My mom demonstrates approachability and compassion.

    My dad is hard-working and started his own business in the blue-collar industry at the age of 23. I learned very quickly what it takes to build something from nothing. Growing up, I never saw my dad in the morning before school or even at night if I was home late. When my dad broke his leg, he didn’t take the day off. He swiveled under cars with his cast instead. My dad demonstrates integrity and resilience.

    I’ve always worked to mimic my parents’ leadership traits. So, I started my own business at the age of five. I demonstrated approachability in my customer service, and implemented a “no change” policy with integrity (I couldn’t do math). My lemonade service wasn’t as sustainable as my dad’s mechanic service. But it didn’t hinder my continued drive to imitate my parent’s leadership traits in my own life.

    As a marketing specialist, I approach my work with down-to-earth insights, maintaining the straight-forward attitude I’ve always had. In order to best manage and achieve impact, I look to individuals internally and externally to provide insights or recommendations on projects at hand. As project manager for the socially responsible investments campaign, I’ve learned bringing people together is important to achieve common goals. As a key-stakeholder in the launch of Vancity Community Investment Bank, I learned a new work-ethic and what it takes to build something from nothing.

    As an Explorer Network team-lead (2016), I led a team of 12 on a topic I’d elected at the open-space conference – the sharing of time and talent. Having a passion for the work we were doing, I was able to keep the team on track to explore the complexities of sharing in privileged and marginalized communities. Through the Explorer Network, I learned the importance of maintaining curiosity, as well as the power of what we can learn from others. Looking at situations through a kaleidoscope or different thinking hats is uncomfortable, but necessary to achieve impact.

    As an Each One, Teach One (EOTO) trainer, I identified an education gap within families and schools. My focus has become financial literacy for students. Most recently, I’ve organized EOTO to be hosted in conjunction with the University of British Columbia Enrolment Services’ financial literacy program (2016). As an alumnus, I organize and facilitate EOTO at my former high school every year. I want to ensure students are set up for success, mitigating the mistakes I saw my friends make. It’s important that current students enjoy the same financial education I was fortunate enough to learn from my parents growing up.

    My relationship with my parents has informed my leadership aspirations. It’s about employing approachability and compassion to ensure the priority of a team, family, or community. It’s about demonstrating integrity and resilience to achieve impact, pay-off, and success. I continue to pave my own leadership path, knowing that it wouldn’t be possible without the people around me.  

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